Only a few people do. Do you want to get to know yours?

Then I invite you to invest an hour of your time and join this INTRO ONLINE COURSE where you will have access to knowledge that will be of great valuable in the future.

My desire is to equip people to be able to heal their own teeth and this process starts with knowledge and insight.

I have a background as a dentist, but have left the traditional way of thinking, which mainly consists of symptom treatment. Teeth have a self-healing power just like the rest of the body and it is time that we spread that knowledge and feed the energy that makes it possible to regenerate dental tissue.

This online course takes place  Tuesday March 2. 2021 at 8 PM Copenhagen Time via zoom.

The price is only 13.31 EURO (Intro-prize)

Register here and you will receive more information

REMEMBER to have a mirror at hand