I offer you an opportunity to have healthy teeth all your life!

You might have a history of having bad teeth. Maybe you have a tooth that 'talks' ie. a tooth that draws attention to itself - either through pain or illness (cavity, tooth inflammation, periodontal disease etc.) - and where the dentist suggests an expensive or unpleasant solution. You are looking for another solution that makes more sense.


• Never having dental problems again

• Never again being anxious about the dentist's verdict

• Never again getting high dental bills

• Becoming your own boss when it comes to your dental health

All that is possible!

When teeth cause problems, it is an expression of unhealthy behavior. With unhealthy I do not mean poor oral hygiene or high sugar consumption, as is the common opinion. When, on the other hand, we begin to see body, mind and spirit as a unit, we discover that it is not bacteria that 'attacks' us, but ourselves, that make it all happen. Both the 'good' and the 'bad'. We discover that our teeth are a mirror image of the inner state and reflect our communication.

Are you clearly expressing your feelings? Do you take full responsibility for them? Do you bite your tongue instead of expressing your anger, frustration, etc.? Or do you use irony or sarcasm, without taking 100% responsibility for what is yours?

If not, your teeth are in the danger zone!

My job is:
    to give you a thorough knowledge of your teeth.
•    to "translate" what your teeth are telling you

Without knowledge we have no insight. Without insight, we are left to the judgment of a more or less impartial dentist

I offer courses where I teach you about teeth. It is a very basic review of structure, shape, numbers etc., the dental diseases and their causes. Furthermore, I show how personality can be read in the teeth and where you can use it constructively. I offer both physical  courses (mostly in Denmark) and online.

In addition, I offer Skype/Zoom sessions to the extent that I have time. For periods, I completely shut down this opportunity because it is energy consuming to deal with 'fire extinguishing'. My heart beats for providing opportunity for self-insight. During a session, you will gain insight into what is causing your problem. I have often seen toothache go away during the conversation when the reason is understood. I have received feedback from people that their children's cavities have stopped and no longer need to be drilled. Bleeding gums have become healthy, etc. It requires that you look inward and make the necessary changes. You need to be ready to take 100% responsibility for yourself.

Furthermore, I have an education coming up where I train people to do non-invasive, healing tooth-therapy. That means that we allow teeth to heal by themselves when we translate the 'language' of teeth. As I get more and more busy, this part will be missing from my repertoire and someone else must take over. I'll update the page when I have something more concrete..

Teeth and their connection with areas of life:

Prices from august 1st 2023:

Zoom session: per. hour 1850 DKK

Zoom session:

If you want a session contact me by mail (info@dortebredgaard.dk) and inquire if you can have an appointment. Please don't write to me via facebook / messenger.

Please send me photos of the teeth/x-rays by email. Sharp pictures are essential. Use your smartphone and photograph the tooth/teeth in question, molars with open mouth, so that I can see the chewing surfaces. Besides, I would also like pictures of the front teeth. If you can get x-rays from the dentist, this is also helpful. It may be very relevant or less relevant. Under the new GDPR, dentists are often reluctant to provide the images - at least by email. They may offer to print them out, which will result in low quality. So, try to persuade your dentist that this rule of protection should not be a protection against you! Alternatively, you can bring a USB key to the dentist and ask to have the images transferred to this device.

At the scheduled time we meet on zoom (I'll provide the link). I will then use my professional knowledge together with my intuition.


I have discovered that there is an emotion behind every dental disease and with aid from my pendulum, I'll find the exact feeling we need to address. We work deeply with the insights to help you understand where to make changes. Sometimes physical changes are needed. Other times, it's just a minor adjustment in your approach to things.

The amount of time needed differs from time to time. You'll only pay for the time we spend together.

You'll pay immediately after the end of the call.

What people say after a session:

Anna T (USA):

I already feel more in charge of myself, like suddenly i'm not walking on a tight rope, but on a stabe, loving ground. I am very fortunate and grateful to be moving forward with such wisdom and empowerment!! God bless!!

Thank you so much for everything. You are now my "dentist," and i will be seeking your consult for any future dental health needs!