I worked as a dentist for 25 years, and in the beginning, I loved it. I loved the interaction with my patients. I loved helping them and guiding them, how to have healthy teeth.

But very early I got frustrated because I couldn’t help my patients in a proper way. Even though they followed my advice they still had gum disease or developed new cavities. I couldn’t understand it. I have seen mothers in tears because their children had severe dental problems even though they followed the assignment that the dentist gave and lived a healthy lifestyle.

After 20 years of intensive research on this subject - I can single out 3 Dental Tips that works - without working the brush!

1. Bacteria is not Our Teeth’s Enemy!

Bacteria in your mouth are here for a reason. Unlike what most presumption made about them, Bacteria’s role is to break down dead or dying tissue and they will not attack your teeth. 

Besides that, bacteria are tiny. Every bristle of the toothbrush is 600 times bigger than a bacteria (pure fact) so trying to use the brush will never remove all of them anyway.

Even more surprising fact- teeth actually go bad from the inside, not from the outside!

Which leads you to thinking….


2. So is Sugar the threat to our Teeth’s problem?

We all know this saying: Eating sweets will rot your teeth. 

But is it truth or a Myth? Sugar itself isn't the root cause behind tooth decay.

Yup, I can hear big relief sigh from you here!

Before proceeding, I want you to check in from your life..

You probably know people who eat a lot of sugar but never seem to have bad teeth

And the other side of spectrum is:

People/ children who don't have a sweet tooth  but grew up having teeth decay or gum issues- out a mysterious reason!

The truth is Sugar is not causing decay. No evidence shows a connection between sugar and decay in human’s teeth. 

The only place scientists are able to spot this connection is with laboratory rats. But linking a rat's to a human's teeth is something incomparable, wouldn’t you think so?

So, if Bacteria and Sugar aren’t the root cause factors- so what is?

3. Stored Emotions can impact your Oral Health

This one might be a shock to your known belief and general public awareness, but since you've been searching for the root cause - here it is!

Emotions - especially unexpressed emotions affect our teeth the most. 

Emotions affect the whole body – you know the expressions: sick to my guts, sick to my stomach or nervous heart rate, shaky knees?

Teeth are no exception. They too, are  part of our body and are also impacted by our emotions. 

The mechanism that stored emotions can affect your Oral Health:

Languages, or words in particular, are just energy; and emotions are energy in motion. It means the feelings arises and have to be moved throughout our body to release.

Most often, we don’t have a healthy way to release our emotions!

When that anger comes up, or the feeling of shame/ guilt over some mistake, we were taught to shut it down or eat it in. Finding a word to express are so hard at times!

Or when sadness, grieving happens but can’t be expressed - they become a form of trapped energy and find their way to take hostages in different parts of our body, teeth included!

This is how the decay built in your teeth- simply is a form of stored energy, 


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I feel that your work is truly a gift to global health, and I hope that many people will benefit from it, either directly or by reading your book or consulting you or indirectly, because there will be a paradigm shift over time.

Dörte (Germany)

WOW!!!! What a fantastic book!!! Thank you so much for sharing it with me.
Your book is amazing. I couldn't put it down! What incredible insights you have. I have never read anything like it before. I only wish your work would be more widely known.

Bracha Goldsmith (famous English  astrologist)

Thank you Dorte!  Keep up your pioneering work and courage to speak out and share your knowledge!  the world is awakening and hungry for such welcome new holistic and higher consciousness healing & health care practices.  You are a blessing
on the planet.  Thank you for following your inner Knowing and heart.

Sharon (USA)