is about listening to your body and transforming unsuitable life patterns. 
  • Would you like to maintain healthy and strong teeth?
  • Would you like to avoid holes and pain in your teeth?
  • Would you like to prevent periodontal disease?
  • Would you like to save money and avoid expensive dentist bills?  
Bad teeth eat away at both your wallet and your joy for life.
But teeth don’t have to be bad or expensive. Teeth Don’t Lie is filled with insights that will encourage you to make better choices. 

This book is written by former dentist Dorte Bredgaard. She discovered early in her career that the scientific explanation for dental disease was flawed. She therefore set out to find a new explanation of the diseases and discovered that teeth respond to our emotions. Especially the emotions that are not expressed through communication.
Every dental disease stems from a specific basic feeling and when we recognize the theme in ourselves and change it, the disease stops immediately.

In this way, we can create healing instead of just treating symptoms.

In this book you get in-depth knowledge of the appearance and structure of the teeth, the emotional background of the dental diseases and you even get insight into how to read the personality based on the position of the teeth.

The book is richly illustrated with color photos.