Understand your teeth and create a meaningful life

NEW online course:

Would you love knowing your teeth?

Knowing your teeth and the energy they represent gives strength. Partly because you have less need for the dentist, and partly because you will become wiser about yourself, when you understand that teeth have a 'secret' language.  Teeth send us messages when we behave in an unloving way towards ourselves.

By understanding the language of the teeth, we become smarter about which changes we can advantageously create. If we fully understand the teeth - and act on their messages - our lives cannot but change in a meaningful direction.

On this online course, you will gain in-depth knowledge of which areas of life the teeth represent and how they 'speak' to us. You'll learn how diasease can guide you to a better life.

In this course you will  get a chance to understand yourselv through your teeth.